What is wrong with America?

Most politicians believe in just one thing-  winning elections.  They'll say anything to get in office and stay there.  Today they believe saying "less government" will get them elected, but the last thing they really want is to give up the power that comes from big government.

No matter which party has held the presidency or dominated Congress, no one has delivered on the promise to reduce government.  Despite the talk, every year government grows larger and interferes even further into our lives.

(From: Libertarian Harry Brown, "Why Government Doesn't Work")

Federal, state, and local governments together take 47% of your earnings through direct and hidden taxes!

This means you will be working from January 1st through June 21st just to pay your taxes!  
June 22nd is the first day you will be earning your own money!  If you believe as I do that this is nothing more than theft, then look into the Libertarian party at www.lp.org

If a man with a gun came to your home or business and told you to deliver to him a portion of your weekly earnings, or be locked up or shot, you would consider that a violation of your rights and properly label it "armed robbery".  If the robber told you he intended to do good things with the money, such as, defending you from other robbers, or educating children, or feeding the poor, you would justifiably reject these transparent rationalizations.  Regardless of what a thief plans to do with the loot, theft is immoral and cannot be condoned in a sane society.

The underlying principles do not change when the process is obscured by politics and legalisms.
Just because a group of legislators assert that, by "passing a law", you must submit to their thievery, and just because they have men with guns at their disposal to compel you to submit, the immoral nature of taxation does not change.

Libertarians call taxation by its accurate name, "theft".  Taxation is simply some people using force to steal the earnings or property of other people.  The taxpayer-victim is threatened with fines or jail if he refuses to pay.  If the taxpayer resists the governments thievery, officials have the power (not the moral right) to crush the resistance with whatever force is necessary, including lethal force.  If you do not believe this, just try refusing to pay your income tax this year! 

What about free education, or free medical care, or free justice?

Anyone receiving something from government does so at the expense of other hard working Americans.  The question is whether people receiving government "benefits" will pay for them, or whether they--with the assistance of governmental force-- can make others pay.

There is a political party that offers a solution!  

The Libertarian party. www.lp.org

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