Bob's Milling Pic's

This is part way into the construction of my new bandmill made using Bill Rake's plans.

For plans see (Bill Rake's website)

I am building it inside of my 40 x 60 shop building that I put up last year.

This is a detail of the engine mounting plate area, and drive wheels.

This is with a band mounted, checking blade tracking before installing blade guides.

Just had to give it a try, still haven't made and installed blade guards, etc.  Like cutting

through butter!  Has a old 16hp Briggs engine that I picked up real cheap from a neighbor.

This was Cedar, they will make great fence boards.  Now I have to figure out how

in the heck I am gonna move this thing.  Probably put a removable trailer axle under it

until I build a roof over my permanent milling location .  

Painted with guard installed.  This is the largest diameter log that the mill will handle.

My old tractor will pick up most logs to move them to the mill.  This redwood log

was left in the underbrush when a prior owner logged the property.  Now every

tree I see, I look at with an eye for how many board ft it would create.


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